What is Royale?

Royale is a first-of-its-kind decentralized protocol for directing optimized stablecoin liquidity pools toward Web 3.0 “smart-backed” funding solutions for iGaming products.

kickstarting iGaming businesses using DeFi protocol innovations is Royale’s mission. Pushing the limits of innovation and lowering the barriers of entry for iGaming industry will be achieved through creating an optimized decentralized liquidity network which is our major goal.

We will create an entirely new crypto niche we call iGDeFi by injecting the unprecedented trust and financial innovation of decentralized finance (DeFi) into the iGaming industry. Through the use of Royale platform, iGaming startups can bootstrap the acceptance of Provably Fair on-chain technology as well as their own bankroll facilities, by leveraging our iGDeFi tech stack.

The relationship between cryptocurrency and online betting has long been close. However, those ties have mostly been focused on only one of the many features that cryptocurrency offers * payment. While many crypto projects have come and gone that have used blockchain as a means of payment or source of authentically random numbers, we have yet to see one that employs our approach of applying decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity pools to business development (BD) financing for iGaming platforms.

While the iGaming industry is familiar with cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, the exponential effects brought by well-engineered token-based value capture mechanisms have yet to impact this fast-growing industry. Royale platform users encompasses not only gamers but also active stablecoin liquidity providers willing to contribute to innovative Gaming platforms. Royale Finance embraces a wide variety of community members.

What is iGaming?

Simply put iGaming is having a bet on the outcome of an event or game online, and these activities include poker, sports betting, online casinos with the largest share of the market being taken up by sports betting and online casinos. Popular casino apps like Fruity King online slots are leading the way in virtual gaming and augmented reality is soon to be introduced in this industry.

By using cryptocurrency technology online gambling is modernized with the majority of the critical processes becoming automated, and as transparency will prevent that criminal element from exploiting and loopholes in the existing systems then existing and future customers will feel far more confident with the industry as a whole.

Market Snapshot

iGaming have become the fastest growing niche of the gambling industry., According to Global Market Insights, the iGaming market is expected to reach $160 billion by 2026. That figure represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5%, which almost doubles the already attractive rate of the gambling industry as a whole. Like eCommerce, the transition to iGaming from traditional gaming has accelerated an already present trend toward digitalization and globalization.

Why Royale?

Innovative Technology Creates New iGaming Opportunities

Growth in the iGaming industry is expected to hinge on several trends that are shaping its future. Among these, the crossover of iGaming and video game markets, the improvement of user experience through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology and, of course, blockchain technology applications potentially offer a panoply of new ways to gamble via cryptocurrencies and interactive technology that will be attractive to a whole new generation of iGaming entrepreneurs.

Addressing Current iGaming Industry Challenges

Centralized finance stifles growth in the iGaming industry. Many of the following challenges remain unsolved:

• New entrants are shut off from liquidity.

• Major players maximize yields exclusively for their own benefit.

• Governance models are controlled by established centralized parties.

• Barriers to entry for iGaming entrepreneurs are extremely high.

• There is a lack of accountability and transparency mechanisms.

• The global market is highly saturated by staid brands lacking in innovation that cut the iGaming industry off from potentially lucrative demographics.

Of these issues, the lack of liquidity for new entrants, the oligopoly of incumbent players and opacity of the sectors are the most critical. Banks are often not willing to invest in gaming companies, which leaves them at the mercy of gaming incumbents. The end result is that new iGaming concepts find it difficult to come to market.

Our contention is that the iGaming industry needs an overhaul to target this demographic. We believe that these new games can be brought to market by Royale funding solutions made possible by decentralized financial protocols.

Trust (and Transparency) as a Catalyst for Growth

Trust is what brings players back to play again and what gives them confidence to place significant bets . A new generation of iGaming operators recognizes that providing a trusted player experience ultimately leads to a hyper-engaged community, which is the essence for any profitable online gaming business. The growth potential of the global iGaming industry is engineered by trust, and even its traditional counterpart. Developments in blockchain technology make it possible to guarantee the trust needed to unbridle the full potential of the iGaming industry. Provably fair algorithms deliver absolute transparency with self-verifiable methodology, bridging the gap between user and operator and embracing a new generation of true randomness.

Access to Capital

In addition to Provably Fair technology that can be verified with blockchain technology, the other critical component that blockchain brings to the Royale platform is the incredible financial flexibility offered by liquidity pools.

The Royale Finance platform will tap into DeFi-driven stablecoin liquidity pools to provide a stream of financing for iGaming innovation, the lack of which has stifled the potential for massive growth in increasingly important younger consumer demographics. While a portion of our fund raising for the ROYA token will be placed in our monolithic optimized liquidity pool, we have developed a unique recursive token economy that encourages the contribution of initial liquidity provision. Moreover, for active Royale ecosystem participants, the redistribution of benefits from iGaming innovation and liquidity mining rewards denominated in ROYA should encourage them to remain engaged with the platform. It is our hope that having a self-sustaining liquidity pool at the very heart of the Royale ecosystem will provide the unprecedented access to capital that iGaming entrepreneurs have long so sorely needed.

The Five Pillars of the Royale Network

1. Network Driven Liquidity

2. Industry Focus

3. Optimized Stablecoin Liquidity Pools

4. Transparency - Provably Fair Technology

5. DeCentralized Governance

Ecosystem Development

Community First: Our long-term goal is for the three Royale ecosystem participants - stablecoin liquidity providers, ROYA stakers, and iGaming entrepreneurs - to become one interwoven, impenetrable force. The entrepreneurs become a part of the community and the community becomes entrepreneurs. The liquidity providers become gamers and, vice versa, gamers become liquidity providers. Our robust community-first tokenomic model should incentivize behavior that encourages the development of products of value and experiences that matter.

Business philosophy: The Royale vision drives our product design, which we hope will drive user adoption through verifiably genuine products that have simplified UX/UI that is especially appropriate for the cross-section of players that we believe are attracted to both iGaming and DeFi. The Royale ecosystem will aim to support products that are automated, validated, verified and cater to both new and experienced users.

Business Development: Royale seeks first clients seeking to access their unique blend of blockchain-based services. This business development success has uniquely positioned Royale to support other emerging projects building provably fair games that require bankroll facilities. We estimate that potential market to be quite large.

Tracking progress: A multitude of tracking progress systems specifically chosen to measure and maximize performance across all areas of the ecosystem will be monitored by Royale’s critical factors By monitoring key protocol operations and outcomes, we will gain new perspectives of the ecosystem, including our strengths and vulnerabilities, our evolution over time, and the ways in which we can drive the network forward.


iGaming + DeFi = iGDeFi

Royale aims to drive continued adoption of iGaming products with a hybrid approach secured by blockchain technology, innovated by DeFi, and intensified by a community bound together by the ROYA governance token.


The ROYA Token

The native token of the Royale ecosystem is the ROYA token. It is an an ERC20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. The ROYA token is intended to serve as a coordinating mechanism between ROYA stakers, stablecoin liquidity providers, and iGaming innovators.

Royale Pool Token (RPT)

Network participants can provide stablecoin liquidity and will be provided with Royale Pool Token (RPT) as a representation of their contribution to the Royale LP. The RPT can then be staked to accumulate mROYA.

mROYA Token

The mROYA token can be accumulated by staking RPT tokens and also from staking ROYA in the ROYA reserve. The mROYA token will be exchangeable against the ROYA token after a period that will be voted on by the governing council.

Token Utility

The ROYA token is a multi-purpose tool for incentivizing active participation in the Royale ecosystem.

Four pools will receive rewards with the current percentage:

1. The Royale Reserve will receive 5% of the tokens minted.

2. The Balancer liquidity pool will receive 10% of the tokens minted.

3. The Uniswap liquidity pool will receive 15% of the tokens minted.

4. The Stablecoin liquidity pool will receive 70% of the tokens minted.

These rates are subject to changes according to the needs of the ecosystem.

Liquidity providers will receive their rewards in mROYA. Stakers will have the possibility to exchange their mROYA against $ROYA after a period determined by governance.

Stablecoin liquidity mining is divided into two-parts, seigniorage, and super-seigniorage.

The majority of rewards will be distributed via the seigniorage. The distribution of tokens will be linear, which means the same amount of tokens is distributed each month.

The Super Seigniorage distribution will be distributed decreasingly over time. The rate will be higher, in the beginning, to incentivize liquidity providers to provide liquidity immediately after the mainnet launch.

NFT Integrations

The defining quality of Royale NFTs is that they are designed based on the principle of integration with the existing ROYA ecosystem. While they will often feature fantastic unique artwork, they are not merely collectables. Royale NFTs provide unique benefits to ROYA token holders, and serve to make the ROYA token ecosystem a more dynamic and exciting place. Ownership of Royale NFTs will benefit ROYA and serve to create a positive feedback loop which increases the value of both Royale NFTs as well as the ROYA token itself.

The first Royale NFT, the "Queen of Queens", is a perfect example — not only is it a unique collectible piece of art, but it is also directly linked with the ROYA tokenomic system and brings concrete benefits to its purchasers. The Queen of Queens NFT is a limited series of 72 uniquely numbered NFTs featuring original artwork.




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#Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, #DEFI, #Metarverse, #NFTs

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